The Secret Meet brings together the very finest collectors, racers, brands, dealers and manufacturers in a private setting for a celebration of motoring like no other!

Billion-pound line-up headlines the biggest SCD Secret Meet ever!

A collection of some of the world’s most exclusive and hotly anticipated hypercars were a particular highlight, as Donington Park hosted the 2023 edition of the SCD Secret Meet by Supercar Driver earlier this week. The event saw more than 500 cars descend on the circuit over the two days, with awe-inspiring displays in the […]



A world class gathering of road and race cars descend on mass to Donington Park year on year for the ultimate private track day. The very best contemporary Hypercars and Supercars alongside legendary race cars from F1, Group C and Endurance Legends.

I am ashamed to say that 2022 was my first visit to the Secret Meet. I’m not sure what I expected to find, but never did I imagine an event where the enormous quantity of supercars that turned up was actually outdone by their quality. As someone who’s been lucky to go to a lot very high profile car events, it takes a lot to make me momentarily lost for words, but the sight of dozen F40s all lined up together certainly did the trick. Now I can’t work out why I didn’t go before and I certainly don’t plan on missing one in future.

Andrew Frankel co-founder, The Intercooler'

Secret Meet is due to take place in the middle of ‘UK Car Week’ – a 10-day petrolheads’ nirvana this summer, with the British Grand Prix, Heveningham Concours and Goodwood FOS!


New for 2023, the event will conclude with a flying lap shootout as a select group of road and racing cars go head to head for the fastest lap!

You never know what to expect from a Secret Meet until you drive through the gates and your eyes collide with the collage of colours, your ears ring with the cacophony of rapid-firing pistons and you feel the energy in the pit of your stomach as the big beasts roar past on track. As one of the lucky ones driving on track it’s been a high point of my year and this time I’m planning to bring the most potent hardware I can lay my hands on to bring the thunder. And it’s all very civilised.

Ben Collins 'The Stig'

We have massive industry support, huge social awareness and an industry crying out for activation events and innovation - the Secret Meet has become the GO TO gathering for collectors, dealers, manufacturers and lifestyle brands.

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